Camp Quadrilateral

A local fabric store had the misfortune of closing after years in business.  That led to good fortune for me as they were giving away boxes of swatches which I took home for some unknown purpose.

Flash forward a couple months as I organized the fabrics and realized I had a fantastic quilting stash.

While I didn’t jump into the fabric store swatches for my inaugural quilt, I opted for a fun pattern, The Illusion Quilt to embark on making my first quilt in 12 years.  I followed tutorials including  Illusion Block by Jenny Doan and Missouri Star and It’s All an Illusion by Rob at

First picking fabric…IMG_2474

Those two tutorials paved the way for me to drive the project to completion.  But here’s a few pointers I picked up along the way.

  1. Thread many bobbins.  Really helps keep pace of play with the machine instead of having to stop every two bobbins to fill a couple more.
  2. Strip sewing really sped up the process, though if you are like me, I have enjoyed taking my time but it was nicer to buzz through certain parts of the blocks.
  3. Quilting does enable a best friendship with your seam ripper.  Finding a good one you like to work with matters.
  4. I didn’t focus too much on color selection or too much on value with this quilt.  I don’t regret it as there was enough good learning going on with it being the first quilt I made in 30 years.  But after I finished the quilt, I realized color and value really make a difference.  Next quilt…
  5. I made the quilt front, back and binding and handed it off to Tisha Cabral  Tisha Cabral Designs for finishing.  I love what she made of the quilt.

Getting ready to sew…IMG_2475.JPG

Blocks are assembled together; ready for quilting…Illusion Quilt ready to be quilted

And the finished quilt which we all love at our house!

Illusion Quilt!Illusion BackingZoom of Illusion

Onsie Baby Shower

It’s a girl, and oh what fun to make pretty pink things for baby girl showers since my house is male dominated!

Getting together with friends, sharing a glass of wine and readying for the shower was so much fun…thanks to Laura for coming up with the onsie idea!

I still can’t decide if I enjoyed the decorating or the onsie-making best.   How cute is this ruffled pink polka dot fabric framing a paper lantern?  Underneath it was the gift station.   The ruffled pink polka dot frame was fabric cut into 18 inch long pieces, which I sewed tegether first then basted twice vertically before pulling the basting to create the ruffled look.

Colby's First Dau 5306

Colby's First Dau 5337

Our funniest moments were hanging the ruffle, lanterns and paper stars.  We painted blue painters tape white so the tape wouldn’t show up on the ceiling.  We used Coats Transparent thread (, which we attached to the tops of the balloons.   And we taped, and taped, and taped yet inevitably, halfway through putting up the next table decorations we’d hear “thud” as one of the larger ones fell down.  Scared us to pieces!  And as you all know from your own shower prep experiences, some of this falls into late night territory, after the zillion other tasks get finished so we could barely contain our fits of laughter once we recovered from the first one that fell and we had a couple more drop down like lead balloons.  I barely slept listening for more thuds overnight, but we skated by with just a couple that needed to be rehung (great news, none fell during the party).

Colby's First Dau 5318  Colby's First Dau 5320

We started on shower day with preparing for onsie-making by cutting out squares of fabrics in different colors and patterns.

Colby's First Dau 5336Colby's First Dau 5317

Then we cut patterns using iron on transfer paper.  You can use iron on interfacing as well.

Colby's First Dau 5334

For the shower, we had several sizees of onsies, short and long sleeved, so that the ladies could make more than one each.  We had seasonal fabric, sports fabric, pink fabric, a sweet choice for any baby girl.  Pick the patterns, then pick the fabric, cut,  iron and voila, a cute onsie!

Colby's First Dau 5335

And no shower is complete without sweet treats which led us to construct a candy bar.   Everyone was able to pack a goodie bag of sweets to take home to their older children.  Feet and stroller lolly pops, pink m&ms and other goodies with plenty for everyone.

Colby's First Dau 5328Colby's First Dau 9440Colby's First Dau 5333Colby's First Dau 9422

A few other pics for the onsie theme included diaper pins as the napkin rings on custom-cut bright pink herringbone placemats.  I used pinking sheers to cut them so I didn’t have to hem them.

Colby's First Dau 5319

We had a lovely lunch, fresh chicken salad, rolls, and kale salad to enjoy the fruits of our labor with our honored guest of honor Rebecca.   I didn’t get a picture of the room during the shower itself though we had three tables set up in a similar fashion.

Colby's First Dau 5318Colby's First Dau 9456

And last but not least, pink cupcakes with Marshmallow cream frosting.  Delicious!

Colby's First Dau 5322