Camp Quadrilateral

A local fabric store had the misfortune of closing after years in business.  That led to good fortune for me as they were giving away boxes of swatches which I took home for some unknown purpose.

Flash forward a couple months as I organized the fabrics and realized I had a fantastic quilting stash.

While I didn’t jump into the fabric store swatches for my inaugural quilt, I opted for a fun pattern, The Illusion Quilt to embark on making my first quilt in 12 years.  I followed tutorials including  Illusion Block by Jenny Doan and Missouri Star and It’s All an Illusion by Rob at

First picking fabric…IMG_2474

Those two tutorials paved the way for me to drive the project to completion.  But here’s a few pointers I picked up along the way.

  1. Thread many bobbins.  Really helps keep pace of play with the machine instead of having to stop every two bobbins to fill a couple more.
  2. Strip sewing really sped up the process, though if you are like me, I have enjoyed taking my time but it was nicer to buzz through certain parts of the blocks.
  3. Quilting does enable a best friendship with your seam ripper.  Finding a good one you like to work with matters.
  4. I didn’t focus too much on color selection or too much on value with this quilt.  I don’t regret it as there was enough good learning going on with it being the first quilt I made in 30 years.  But after I finished the quilt, I realized color and value really make a difference.  Next quilt…
  5. I made the quilt front, back and binding and handed it off to Tisha Cabral  Tisha Cabral Designs for finishing.  I love what she made of the quilt.

Getting ready to sew…IMG_2475.JPG

Blocks are assembled together; ready for quilting…Illusion Quilt ready to be quilted

And the finished quilt which we all love at our house!

Illusion Quilt!Illusion BackingZoom of Illusion

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