Meadow Mystery Quilt-along

I am very excited to be joining Cheryl Brickey’s Meadow Mystery Quilt project in July.   This was to be my first quilt-along though I couldn’t wait to get going and jumped in on the Pixie Summer Home QAL while waiting for this Mystery QAL to get started!  Here is a link to her site for those of you who might like to join the quilt-along.

grab button for Meadow Mist Designs

Meadow Mystery Quilt

We spend a lot of time in the Sierra Nevada hills, and it took a long while to pick the fabrics as I was going for the wow of sunshine colors in springtime California hillsides yet thinking of the mighty poppies in Yosemite while hiking up to Half Dome years ago…loud pops of gold, yellow and oranges shouting out at you from the softness of gray granite and the harsh contrast of the darker blue/gray/ black granite.   We saw tons of these poppies driving home from Disney Land this spring (don’t mind the car shot, I was the passenger and didn’t ask my husband to slow down the car for me to get a super focused shot)…

California Poppies

With that as the backdrop, I ordered fabric online.  Fingers crossed that the images I  looked at before hitting the order button translated to what I was looking for.  Even with a set of favorites side by side on the big screen, I need to touch and feel the fabric to know it is what I was looking for or not.  Here are thumbnails I was counting on for the fabric which was ordered from Missouri Star Quilt company) …

Fabric swatches

Alas, the fabric box arrived yesterday and I was delighted with the colors (I added the lemon/gold fabric color to the order at the last minute and the far right pull is D in Cheryl’s pattern).  Now to decide if I go scrappy with multiple As in the quilt or pick one.  I am happy there is time to decide.

Meadow Mystery Quilt Final Fabric Pull


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