Star Light Star Dark Finish, Almost

I’m really happy that I finished the quilting of the Star Light Star Dark QAL.  I had a great time with the straight line quilting, albeit I think this quilt deserved a few more swirls and waves if time had permitted.  Not all my lines are straight and I hit the cut button on my new machine more often than I meant to, but nonetheless I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.   The whole process was much fun and my dining room table made it easy as a great sliding surface to help eliminate the bulk of the quilt as I worked on it.

Since this has an east coast finish time, I’m posting the top as is though I hope to run home after work and yoga and finish the binding.  I’ll post another picture as soon as it is “done done”.

3 thoughts on “Star Light Star Dark Finish, Almost

  1. Seeing this made me gasp out loud! Wow! I LOVE how you placed the small stars in different places and created your own unique layout. Plus, the colors are so unique – I never would have chosen that color scheme but it works beautifully. Can I share a quilt picture and your blog link in the parade tomorrow? Thank you for quilting along with me!


  2. Hi Jessica, thank you for your comment! I loved your QAL and enjoy your quilting style so much. Your blog really helped me progress in my quilting. Feel free to share my quilt picture and blog link in your parade tomorrow! Maybe just maybe I’ll have a true finished quilt ready by 9pm PST tonight!


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