WIP Wednesday 2016 10 26

Squeezing in fifteen minutes here and there every day with some fun projects.

  1. Granny Square Quilt for my Honey.  I made him (yes, literally) participate in the trip to the fabric shop with me to pick colors.  His “I want chestnut, red, mustard yellow, green with black centers” was impossible to navigate given the diversity of Kona color choices.  He made shopping easy…10 minutes into the store, we were at the counter getting the bolts cut.

  2. Sugar Mountain for my BFF’s 50th birthday.  Shhhh…it is a surprise!  Having fun with this one.  I wanted low volume, neutral grays and I hit that objective!  So so so many HSTs to trim.  Took forever.  Not to mention working on Granny at the same time.  Don’t want Honey to think I am favoring one quilt over the other (which I am…shhhh).  🙂

  3. Pink Pineapple for the loving hospital staff who took such great care of me after surgery.  Heart the medical profession!

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