WIP Wednesday 2016-11-23

More holiday goodies from my craft room over the past week.  A continuation of last week for the most part, but knocking items off the to do list.  

A short list but here it is:

  1. Sugar Mountain quilt, finally ready to be dropped off for quilting.
  2.  Holiday gifts continue to be made!  They are so cute.  Kind of like eating potato chips, can’t stop at making just one towel per recipient.  That’s it for this week.  Happy Thanksgiving!

WIP Wednesday 2016-11-16

Finally, a California fall day with a cool breeze in the air, falling leaves and everything New England that comes with fall except for the rain!

Having a hard time focusing on any one project…so many fun things to work on so let me share!

  1. Holiday Crafting.  What’s not to like about a whole Sunday afternoon with my best gal pals crafting holiday gifts for teachers, friends, delivery drivers, and anyone else who might pop up on the list!  This year’s craft were tea towels, which we created by sewing stencil cut fabrics onto tea towels.  We lifted the idea off of a baby shower activity we did a couple of years ago; you can see that post here: onesie baby shower.   I cheated this year and bought the towels, as in the past I have made my own out of muslin.  Priorities.  More projects, means more pressing of the easy button when I can.  These towels were a lot of fun and perhaps worth of a full post some day…
  2. Granny Square Quilt.  It is coming along.  Holiday planning pushed Honey’s quilt off the calendar this past week.  I’m working to get it back on track so he can enjoy it this winter.  He has been very patient.  Only 26 of 56 squares to go…granny-square-blocks
  3. Holiday Tree Ornaments.  I was lucky enough to win Brooke’s giveaway Sillymamaquilts last week, and she included the cutest holiday scraps ever!  They were put to good use in quilting up a holiday tree ornament.  This project has been so much fun I am certain to blog about it some day.  Oh the fun to be had with holiday fabric should there be just a few more hours a day! tree-ornaments
  4. Butterfly Block.  My beautiful 80+ old family dearest loves butterflies.  Here is the first block of a colorful quilt for her.  🙂