WIP Wednesday 2016-12-07

Fall has finally hit here; the California Pistache trees are crimson and bright yellow and morning walk temperatures in the low 40s.  Just in time for Christmas.  A little snow would make it festive, but I love bundling up in the chill either way.

Plenty of time to be inside and work on the variety of projects I have going.  I am going to need a serious January clean up before embarking on anything new!

Projects this week are moving along…first a fun one.

  1. The cutest sewing machine ever made of Legos.  I still need to figure out how to have a proper threader down to the presser foot, but it is sure cute.
  2. Next, working on the butterfly quilt for my dearest family friend.  Could have picked an easier trim on this one but it sure is going go be bright and make her happy.  I’m pretending to not notice that I need to realign the centers so the lines match up.  🙂  Or maybe I will just leave it scrappy and have a field day with the quilting.  We’ll see.
  3. And, received my final box of Nightfall today. So pretty.  Can’t wait to get started on a quilt with it.

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