Butterfly Finish 2016-12-24

Yay, a finished quilt!   The bright colors, varied butterflies and varied backgrounds made for a very happy recipient.

And I am proud that I went for true FMQ on this one…my very first.  It was hard, getting the rhythm between needle speed and moving the quilt around, learning to deal with the drag, the tempo, etc.  But I did it…and I gained the confidence to do more of it.  I am actually really excited to be finishing the Meadow Mystery QAL in the next few months so I can gain more experience and practice.  This is not a perfect piece in more ways than one (despite getting the points right), but a proud finish!

Not always even, and not perfectly rounded either.  Who knew 24 hour disappearing ink can disappear in minutes which really throws a wrench into the FMquilting roadmap?


This quilt also gave me the opportunity to explore and play with threads, learning what count pops against a background versus what blends in.  Looks like a long learning curve ahead for me.


While my ego didn’t want me to post clear images of my beginner’s FMQ work, the better side of me said we all have to start somewhere and we includes me.  So here’s my stake in the ground that I can go back to some day and smile at, as the quilt I learned to FMQ on.


Merry Christmas Dear Bon.  So happy you loved it.  Beginner talent and all.

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