Just in Time for Christmas – Fabulous Fabric Trays

You know the people you love that have every.thing.they.need.want.  That usually includes all my favorite people.  I found just the right gift for them that I knew they would love and appreciate being hand made!

Back in early November, my gal friends and I met for our annual holiday crafting party.  We had decided to make appliqued tea towels (WIP Wednesday 2016-11-16), and we bought tons of 1/4 yards of fabric to work with.  Thus picking fabrics for the trays was easy enough given I hadn’t put the crafting day fabric away yet.

The project was easy – all in maybe 2 hours.  You can find the tutorial for it right here: Fabric Tray Tutorial.  The most fun part for me was working on my FMQ skills particularly on one of the trays which had great medallion shapes I could use as my lines. I didn’t get a picture of that side of the tray though…it is the tray below on the right where you can just see the medallions.

I practiced writing in the smaller tray – Love came out too cute.


I am looking forward to giving these away.  And to making more of them for me!




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