Soft Botanical – Fabric Mosaic Entries

Stitched in Color’s recent Bloglovin feed sparked my interest in her fabric Mosaic contest sponsored by Gotham Quilts.  She provides a wonderful theme and many beautiful inspirational photos to feed your soul before you embark on virtual shopping at Gotham Quilts.

I had the fortune in February to shop in person at Gotham Quilts, so as I selected my fabrics for the contest, I was reminded of one of the kind Gotham team members saying “that fabric is right at home with the others you selected”.  The “right at home” sits with me each time I evaluate options for a fabric pull.  I had a few lovely several hours there on a snowy Thursday afternoon, and flew home with many more bundles than I expected to mainly due to the pulls that weren’t “at home” and thus started secondary and then some piles I then had to fill out.  Such fun it was!

I enjoyed the process and look forward to hopping back over to Stitched in Color  to see the other unique palates presented.

My first choice reminded me of succulent’s spring splendor…soft tones yet with balances of playful oranges spiking from the April and May blooms on my succulents after a good winter of rain.  The selection of colors was a challenge for me as I immediately migrated to the bright and bold oranges and the initial Mosaic was definitely not a soft botanic.  I think California springs contributed – we don’t experience the misty mornings or humid rains that lend themselves to a softer botanical garden.  So I put my Connecticut birth home gardening lens on and the Mosaics developed from there.

Here is my California version of a soft botanical.

Spring Fling #2 {thesaltingcraftbox}


My second choice was where I had to dig deeper outside of my normal fabric pulls and yet I am so happy with the outcome.  Here is my representation of an East Coast soft botanical.

Spring Fling #1 {thesaltingcraftbox}

Funny that I had to break these down into East Coast and West Coast.  Thank you Rachel for such a fun project!

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