Housewarming Placemats

What’s not to like about moving back into a home after a sizeable remodel?  There are probably a few things about older furnishings and color palettes that no longer work for you.

So when my friends moved back into their new space, I whipped up a few placemats to add freshness to their dining room table.  Each placemat is slightly different, with grays and blues matching their kitchen.

Dinner time.

They were also quilted with straight lines and slightly different geometric patterns to keep each one unique.

Soup time!

I wanted to wash them before delivering them, but time escaped me.  I thought it would be fun to see how they looked with the crinkled quilted look but I will have to wait until I visit again to get a peak at them.    For the back, I chose a simple gray pattern that allows the placemats to be reversible.  I love how they came out.

Simple back

The binding was a fun pick as well.  Herringbone, to frame the over-sized mats.

Colorful binding


The mats finished out at 14 x 18, a very generous size.  Now to make a few for my house!

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