Have a Jolly Little Christmas QAL

I’ve been enjoying a steady and slow pace on the Jolly Little Christmas QAL meaning I’ve completed two blocks.  Smile.  The QAL started months ago.  Lots of other projects have gotten my attention and slowly I will update my blog to post on those!

But the second block I completed for this QAL last weekend has me fired up to step up the pace as it has given me ideas on gifts and how cool the quilt top will be with the fabrics I selected.  And if I want it before the holidays this year, I’d better move on it!

The QAL intro and posts can be found at Jolly Little Christmas, where Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts has rocked an amazing set of blocks and tutorials for this QAL.

Here is the first block, called Winter Mittens.  Aren’t they adorable?  I love the shimmery white background with the navy and blue print as the core of the mitten.

Mittens (Have a Holly Jolly)












The second block, Christmas Stockings, in my humble opinion, is equally adorable.  Bright and cheery with a steadfast gray in the fabric combination below.

Stockings (Have a Holly Jolly)

While I was making this block, I talked to my sister who mentioned if I were to make a quilt for her it needed to be in basic colors, like navy and cream.  She specifically called those colors out. That prompted me to make her a block with basic colors, with my thought being that I’d make her a holiday pillow.

Stockings 2 (Have a Holly Jolly)

Which led me to thinking about how cute this QAL would be in just a variety of navy colors.

Or is it cuter with a splash of more color?

I continue to have fun playing with colors.  I’m working on my third block and will see which color palate works better for me.  Do either of these inspire more interest than the other?

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