Instagram Summer Fun Swap

I recently completed a Summer Fun Swap on Instagram, where we were randomly assigned a secret partner to make a mini quilt for.  This was my first swap and it was very fun!

Initially, we posted Mosaics as to things, colors or images we like in order to help our partner make a perfect mini for us.

Here are a couple of the Mosaics I put together, with bright vibrant colors.

My secret partner posted just one Mosaic yet it was all I needed.  She posted a succulent quilt, similar to the succulent set on the shelf in my own Mosaic above.  Succulents are my favorite outdoor plant.  I have many of them in a suite of colors, so I immediately pulled a collection of mostly C + S fabrics for the project based on the succulents in my garden.


The Swap team members were all drawn to the aquas and greens, so I was able to whittle down the selection easily enough.

IMG_7808 (Edited)

It was hard not to post status pictures as the pattern would have pretty much given away who my partner was in this swap.  So I quietly worked behind the scenes on it while making one for myself along the way so I could practice FMQ before completing hers.

The quilted mini was very sweet and she was very excited when she received it.


IMG_7829 (Edited)

Funny enough, I never took a picture of the one I made for me, which I now have hanging in my studio.  But I do have a great shot of the wonderful, colorful and bright fish mini made by the secret partner who had been assigned me.  Isn’t it perfect!

Summer Fun Swap Mini - Swap Team Lemonade

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