Wayward Transparency QAL

I am excited that Yvonne Fuchs from Quilting Jetgirl is hosting another quilt-along called Wayward Transparency QAL  I enjoy her patterns and she offers easy to follow tutorials and guidance along the way.

Last year she hosted the Summer Snowflake Shimmer QAL which was a fun project resulting in a very generous sized quilt for our cabin.

I set about gathering fabrics for the quilt hoping to make 2 for our cabin walls.  I chose green and brown as the main colors, given the cabin’s forest setting.

My final picks for the browns are as follows:  Kona Espresso, Moda Bella Solids Paper Bag and Kona Khaki.   The mid range color is the one I struggled the most with, though I am thrilled with the addition and final choice of the Paper Bag by Moda.

IMG_0297 (Edited)

The brown color palate plays well in black and white too, SCORE!


For the greens, I did not have such success.  I can open up a fabric store now with the green yardage I have bought for the light and mid colors, in my attempt to have enough contrast.

I thought for sure these lovelies would work…Kona Basil, Kona Chartreuse and Bella Solids Celery.

IMG_0296 (Edited)

Here’s the black and white shot.  I need to place a big red X over it.  The Celery and Chartreuse are nearly identical.    Kona Tarragon played the same way, just too close to the Chartreuse.

IMG_0298 (Edited)

I am eyeing Bella Solids Fresh Grass or Leaf and Contempo Meadow Dance options currently but may start with the browns and see how I do.

Looking forward to the next set of instructions from Yvonne next month.

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