Wayward Transparency QAL Finish {2018-05-30}

Hurray time – there’s a finish here!  I’ve been sitting on this quilt for what seems like forever.   2017 isn’t actually forever ago but Yvonne Fuchs sponsored this fabulous Wayward Transparency QAL.  I jumped on in the fall.

I completed the quilting over the holidays, and negotiated with myself whether to unpick the dark green triangle quilting since the thread I used was Aurifil’s celery green and I didn’t like how it looked. I knew it would involve time and burying threads and with so little time to sew these days, I wasn’t ready to commit to having to undo sewing.  Well anyway, the quilt won.  I unpicked and it looks so much better.IMG_1644


Do you ever struggle with whether to machine bind or hand bind?  That was my next dilemma.  I mean decision.  I had decided to machine bind my utility quilts, and this quilt fell into that category.  Last weekend was Memorial Day and I elected to leave my Featherweight machine at home for our trip to the cabin for long weekend.   I pulled out the quilt and found it so relaxing to hand bind and finish the quilt.   My utility quilt binding decision may be short lived.  I was so rested afterwards and I had a finished quilt on hand!


So here’s the green beauty – which I’ve named Green Eggs and Ham.  I pieced the backing together with some other cool fabric I found on sale.  My husband likes the colors better on the back but likes the pattern on the front.  I’m inclined to agree but the goal was a  transparency affect.  I’d pick different colors next time as green was so hard to get to match up and work together.  Why is it not that way in nature?

IMG_1621 (Edited)

I was able to leave it at the cabin since the plan is to use it for star gazing and cozying up under the cool night skies.  I love it!




4 thoughts on “Wayward Transparency QAL Finish {2018-05-30}

  1. Congratulations Patty! Your Wayward Transparency is beautiful in greens. It really reflects nature’s pretty shades of green that you captured in your photos. The back is neat! so now your quilt is reversible 😊
    I usually machine bind bed quilts and hand bind smaller projects. I agree, It is relaxing to sit and hand sew.

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  2. Thank you Abbie. I am learning so much from the QALs and feel inspired by you all. Great to hear your use cases for binding. Machine binding is so much faster!


  3. Patty, How come I didn’t know you had a blog? How did I miss this???
    I am so excited to go back and read posts of yours. Just added you to my reader list at Bloglovin. BTW, it says you haven’t yet “claimed” the blog on Bloglovin. It is easy to do and that way you will receive notifications of others who might choose to read your posts with that reader.


    1. I don’t know how I missed your blog either. For that matter I have been trying to remember how I learned about N&F in the first place. So happy to get to know you!! Thank you for the tip on Bloglovin – will go over there now. Still learning my way around the blog world…:) Have a happy Monday.


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