Fall into a QAL Block 8 {2018 08 27}

I keep saying “oh this is my favorite block” with each new block release in this Fall into QAL then the new block is released and I have a new favorite.  Sigh.  All of which is to say that the designers in this group are rocking it and I have many favorites.  Their creativity and variety are inspiring and make me look forward to the next block release.  The set are working so well together just as the blocks from last year’s I Wish You a Merry Quilt-Along did.

Block 8 was designed by Jennifer Fulton at theinquiringquilter.  Instructions for the block can be found at Leaf Block 8. Paper piecing makes for precise points and nearly perfect blocks.  Mine came short a bit of the 12′ finish, though I’m framing mine so it won’t be noticeable in the final quilt top.


I finally added a super bright yellow, which is a bit on the edge in terms of saturation relative to the other fabrics in my pull.  I went there because in the last block, one of the designers added green to her block and inspired me (that word inspire again) to think outside of the box with my colors.  Another designer noted she places the fabrics for the new block alongside the completed blocks to make sure the colors fit in and yet another designer suggested in her blog that a pop of color could make a block more interesting.  My habit to make everything match just so was resulting in a quilt that would be very late fall oriented, dark browns and oranges, darker golds, and when I ventured into adding brighter colors, pop, the quilt lit up.

I have been using a putty or sand Kona for the main background; yet again, I went rogue with this block and used a few low volume off white / creams instead.  I am delighted with how it turned out!  And the designers in the QAL have definitely moved me along in going for interest and variety in my fabrics.  Good thing there are 4 blocks remaining for me to practice my learnings with.

IMG_2383 (Edited)

I also started to frame my blocks.  I figure it is faster than waiting until the end then rushing to a finish.  I have to cram my sewing into weekends or do real simple blocks after work at night and I didn’t want to rush at the end as we close in on the holidays. The fabric for these blocks I posted about here.

IMG_2386 (Edited)

Already super excited about the next one!

5 thoughts on “Fall into a QAL Block 8 {2018 08 27}

  1. Wow your block is so gorgeous! I’m happy to hear you are challenging yourself. This block has so much in it that’s perfect–your fabric choices, that wonderful background, and how awesome the block looks with the others! Kudos on a great job!

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