Finished Quilts



Destination Quilt Finish 2017-11-26

Swings + Scrappy Cross

Scrappy Cross Baby Quilt 2017-10-30

Halloween Quilt 2017

Halloween Jelly Roll Quilt 2017-09-28

Halloween Placemets with Back

Halloween Placemats – No Scrap Left Behind 2017-10-26


StarLight Star Dark Quilt Finish 2017-04-29

Sun Showers & a little snow

Sun Showers Quilt Finish 2017 04-22

Pixie QAL Finish

“Home” Pixie Summer QAL Finish 2017 04-08

Windy Take Flight

Meadow Mystery Finish (Take Flight) 2017-04-01

Man Cave Finish

Man Cave Quilt Finish 2017-04-15

Sugar Mountain in the wind

Sugar Mountain Quilt Finish 2017-03-31


Quilted Nesting Trays


Butterfly Finish 2016-12-24

Coast to Coast, May 2016

Coast to Coast Quilt 2016-06-04

Illusion Quilt!

Camp Quadrilateral 2016-05-17