Fall into a QAL, Block 12 “Mr. Owl” {2018-10-24}

Hurray, the final block of the Fall into a QAL is complete!

The Owl block was designed by Vanda Chittenden.  You can visit her blog Quilting with Vanda to download the pattern.

I have a horned owl living somewhere close to my house.  The night I finished this I could hear her hooting (I have learned the females call the long hoots and the males respond with a shorter call).  I set my husband to watch the homemade vegetable broth I had started so it didn’t get to a crazy boil, while I ventured outside with a flashlight to find the Owl.  I found the tree she was in two doors down.  I could hear her loud and clear, but the height of the tree was an obstacle in finding her.  Darn!

The next morning as I set out for my morning walk, I heard her again.  She had moved to another neighbor’s tree, and I found the tree but it was too dark still to actually see her.

I’m imagining she looked something like this:

IMG_3073 (Edited)

Or this:

IMG_3069 (Edited)

She doesn’t like to be seen up close.  Or does she?


As I finished her up, I continued to work on my impro piece from my leftover HSTs.  I realized that making a paper piece pattern is very hard.  I continue to tweak it though have started another The Giving Tree type of block and will see which one fits best.


I also finished the framing on the blocks and am working on placement before I sew them together.  It is really coming together.  Thank goodness for the B/W feature on the phone camera to help with the placement when taking contrast into consideration.

Second weekend running with a creature encounter in the woods; this time running into a bear taking an afternoon scroll.   So exciting to see, yet scary at the same time.


My final foray this past weekend was to get to a quilt fair at Ironstone Winery in Murphy’s.  My favorite, of all the quilts in the innovative quilt category, was this beautifully done paper pieced cow.  I neglected to get a photo of an equally beautiful paper pieced fox.   There were too many beauties to pick from overall.

IMG_3050 (Edited)

I was also drawn to this 3 dimensional quilt.  Such a lovely design.IMG_3053

Next post should be the finished flimsy for the Fall into a QAL.  I can’t wait to finish it!

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