Butterfly Finish 2016-12-24

Yay, a finished quilt!   The bright colors, varied butterflies and varied backgrounds made for a very happy recipient.

And I am proud that I went for true FMQ on this one…my very first.  It was hard, getting the rhythm between needle speed and moving the quilt around, learning to deal with the drag, the tempo, etc.  But I did it…and I gained the confidence to do more of it.  I am actually really excited to be finishing the Meadow Mystery QAL in the next few months so I can gain more experience and practice.  This is not a perfect piece in more ways than one (despite getting the points right), but a proud finish!

Not always even, and not perfectly rounded either.  Who knew 24 hour disappearing ink can disappear in minutes which really throws a wrench into the FMquilting roadmap?


This quilt also gave me the opportunity to explore and play with threads, learning what count pops against a background versus what blends in.  Looks like a long learning curve ahead for me.


While my ego didn’t want me to post clear images of my beginner’s FMQ work, the better side of me said we all have to start somewhere and we includes me.  So here’s my stake in the ground that I can go back to some day and smile at, as the quilt I learned to FMQ on.


Merry Christmas Dear Bon.  So happy you loved it.  Beginner talent and all.

Just in Time for Christmas – Fabulous Fabric Trays

You know the people you love that have every.thing.they.need.want.  That usually includes all my favorite people.  I found just the right gift for them that I knew they would love and appreciate being hand made!

Back in early November, my gal friends and I met for our annual holiday crafting party.  We had decided to make appliqued tea towels (WIP Wednesday 2016-11-16), and we bought tons of 1/4 yards of fabric to work with.  Thus picking fabrics for the trays was easy enough given I hadn’t put the crafting day fabric away yet.

The project was easy – all in maybe 2 hours.  You can find the tutorial for it right here: Fabric Tray Tutorial.  The most fun part for me was working on my FMQ skills particularly on one of the trays which had great medallion shapes I could use as my lines. I didn’t get a picture of that side of the tray though…it is the tray below on the right where you can just see the medallions.

I practiced writing in the smaller tray – Love came out too cute.


I am looking forward to giving these away.  And to making more of them for me!




WIP Wednesday 2016-12-07

Fall has finally hit here; the California Pistache trees are crimson and bright yellow and morning walk temperatures in the low 40s.  Just in time for Christmas.  A little snow would make it festive, but I love bundling up in the chill either way.

Plenty of time to be inside and work on the variety of projects I have going.  I am going to need a serious January clean up before embarking on anything new!

Projects this week are moving along…first a fun one.

  1. The cutest sewing machine ever made of Legos.  I still need to figure out how to have a proper threader down to the presser foot, but it is sure cute.
  2. Next, working on the butterfly quilt for my dearest family friend.  Could have picked an easier trim on this one but it sure is going go be bright and make her happy.  I’m pretending to not notice that I need to realign the centers so the lines match up.  🙂  Or maybe I will just leave it scrappy and have a field day with the quilting.  We’ll see.
  3. And, received my final box of Nightfall today. So pretty.  Can’t wait to get started on a quilt with it.

WIP Wednesday 2016-11-30

Not much to add this week.  I decided to lay low over the holiday weekend and enjoy the snowfall at the cabin.  Hence…

  1. I had every intention of hand quilting these beautiful pieced tree ornaments.  It snowed.  I napped and played instead.  +1 for me.


  2.  I did pick up my Sun Showers quilt to get mailed off this week.  Hurray!

  3.  And finally, we had a wonderful Charlie Brown, Snoopy and tree party.  Lovely time was had by all!

    4. And the super thrill for me today is to ogle this beautiful Nightfall fabric I received today!  I love it and will have a hard time cutting into it.

    #Nightfall by Maureen Cracknell