Fall into a QAL, Block 10 “Patchwork Pickles” {2018-09-28}

I am back from Japan and enjoying settling into fall with the cooler weather helping set the mood here in the Bay Area.  Once fully caught up on work and projects, I intend to get a post out with all my Japanese fabric purchases but that is for another day.

In the meantime, after the jet lag was behind me, I set out to catch up on my Fall into a QAL block 10, Patchwork Pickles which was designed by Sandra Healy.  Of course I am in love with this block.  One of the first things I did on landing back state side was to check the status of my tomatoes, and weren’t they in a state of canning readiness!   So it was appropos, for me anyway, to see this block appear in the line up.

I opted for a low volume background rather than pure white, mostly to represent the herbs and seeds that I normally pickle with.  The canning backgrounds also work better with the other blocks in this QAL such as Mr. Turkey.

IMG_2945 (Edited)

Pears are my fall favorite fruit, and I love all pear types, including D’Anjou as well as the Bosc pears.  I also opted to make a suite of colors to represent my favorite types.  Fall shadows showed up in my lunch photo session but hey, fall is what this quilt is all about.  And it seems I lost a stem on one of my pears.  I suppose I would catch that when I sew the appliqued shapes down right?

I took the time to fix it, and adjust my carrots to my liking.  Much better with the yellow carrot in front of the others.  Such a pleasing block!


I couldn’t resist adding a blend of purple, orange and yellow carrots also representing my favorite bunch to buy – rainbow carrots.  My garden carrots while quite small, are quite sweet.

IMG_2941 (Edited)

Can’t believe there are just two blocks left.  I had time to complete one of my two pumpkin blocks.  They sure are fun to make.

IMG_2940 (Edited)

Finally, I am piecing together my leftover HSTs from various previous blocks.  Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve done with some of them.

IMG_2947 (Edited)

You’ll have to wait to see what’s next for these little guys and how they will fit within this quilt.  I may have hinted that I want to have 16 squares to make the quilt larger.  So I’ve duplicated a couple of the designer blocks and hope to get one more done soon.  More to come on that later!

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One thought on “Fall into a QAL, Block 10 “Patchwork Pickles” {2018-09-28}

  1. The canning jars are so cute. My mom used to can pears for us when we were kids.
    We usually get tiny carrots when we grow them too. Who knows why? They taste good but are a pain to actually use for anything. Happy Fall Patty!!

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