Pixie Summer Home Quilt-A-Long

I saw this Pixie Summer Home quilt-a-long on the Intrepidthread and couldn’t resist…

Pixie Summer Home QAL

Here is block 1 (I am so NOT a photographer)…I am using Farmhouse by Fig Tree (Joanna Febueroa) for Moda.  Looking forward to adding updates along the way so stay tuned.  So much Fun!!


The first blocks were so much fun to make!

Second set of blocks are now finally finished.  With so many seams, my learnings included that I really need a 1/4 presser foot.  I will have to use it for my next quilt.  In the meantime, eager for Block 3 instructions.

Pixie Summer House Blocks
Pixie Summer House Blocks 1 and 2

Block 3 – tree block, posted today!  Look forward to starting after work tonight!

I decided to use the fabric I picked for the binding and backing for my trees.  Loving the way it is coming out though don’t mind the amateur photography with the shadows and all.

Tree 1 in neighborhood

Tree 1

The trees are adorable.  Reminds me of an oak tree turning in the fall, or maybe an apple tree.  Look at the neighborhood – really coming together!

Pixie House 16
Summer Farm House Blocks
Progress continues – the star instructions came out earlier this week and some of these blocks are tiny and take more time than available at the moment…I tried hard to finish a full block tonight and realized I didn’t have the contrast I needed in the stars I prepped…so continues to be a WIP!


August 22, 2016

These stars have had me wear more pairs of patience than I knew I had in me.  I made myself stop counting the number of times I had to tear them apart to have perfect points.  While part of me wanted to accept that stars aren’t perfect, the bigger part of me wanted perfection for the size and scale of the stars.  I also love the way this quilt has come together and can’t imagine staring at imperfections as we nestle under it at the cabin, outside enjoying morning coffee.  It is so cute and the stars will really pop the overall quilt which is giving me the motivation to persevere.

I also took note that in a quilt with mini pieces like these stars, fabric selection makes a big difference.  I chose a solid cotton, but I think a thinner cotton would have been easier to work with.  I’ll have to play with this hypothesis at some point but I’ve enjoyed the overall learnings from this quilt.

I also practiced being in the moment, and taking my time rather than rushing to finish.  Two star blocks done, and the remaining two just need the star blocks and trim pieces to be sewn together.  Then on to the sashing which I’m looking forward to.

Pixie Home Stars with main blocks



 Finished star blocks!


Next up was adding the sashing.  Check!  I may resew the sashing on a couple of the star blocks though I made them to have a random look.  I certainly went off course when I made them as they sized much differently than I expected them too but hey, every sky is different.  

Two steps remaining – get the layout done, then piece together, add the horizontal sashing then get ready for quilting!

Lighting in my craft room isn’t great asevident in the black and white pic.  I am looking for that last bit of contrast opportunity.

Pixie Home quilt top is finished, hurray!

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