Destination Quilt Finish 2017-11-26

I started this quilt many moons ago.  The binding showed up in a WIP Wednesday post in the fall.  Imagine, only needing to bind it and here we are, months later.  That is all because I decided that I like the look of hand binding more than machine binding.  And of course, there are a gazillion projects being worked on that took priority to sitting on the couch to relax and bind away.


It is a long over due quilt for my Mom and I was very intentional at pulling her favorite corals and yellows.  And I did venture to add some stronger darker blues and grays, which reminded me fondly of her strength and fortitude over the years raising 3 children while my Dad worked several jobs to pay the bills.

There are flowers, triangles, paw prints, and arrows, bring back memories of lakeside picnics, kittens and puppies, and the joy my Mom sees in everything around her.


She is the most caring, kind, nurturing, warm, giving, loving person I know.  I hope she enjoys snuggling under it and maybe she’ll get a peek at some of the words quilted in just for her.

Caring and kind.jpg

IMG_0630 (Edited)


The quilt finished at 60 x 60, perfect for the 5 ft. queen of the house.  I used the Destination pattern by Sharon Holland, which I found on the AGF blog.

Love you Mom!

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